Wood Watch Box For Men: Could This Be The Best You Will Ever Find?

Are you looking for a wood watch box for men whose taste is classic and vintage?


Are you having a hard time finding that wooden watch box with glass top design?


Find out why Caddy Bay Collection Vintage Wood Watch Box For Men is a wise choice for you.



This Caddy Bay Collection Vintage Wood Watch Box For Men has a single level unique design that you or your loved one will love! It has quality wood and nice plush pillows on the inside.


This wooden watch box with glass top will protect your watch collection from dust and beautifully display your classic timepieces. The watch case interior is lined with soft fabric to protect your watches against scratches. You may remove the cushions to store other items such as jewelry, cufflinks, spare links, watch tools, and more.




Vintage Design


With this wood watch box for men, your watches are easy to remove and put back in. It is also secured with a vintage matching lock (key included).



Other Remarkable Features


  • High clearance for larger watches
  • Unique quality vintage finish watch case
  • 7 removable soft cushions
  • Squeezable soft adjustable pillows
  • Clear glass viewing display top



Customer Review


The Caddy Bay Collection Vintage Wood Watch Box For Men is very well done, great fit and finish, has “real glass” for the display window, and is made out of real wood.


There is a plenty of amazing reviews from actual Amazon verified buyers of this wooden watch box with glass top. Most of them rated it 5 stars.


One customer said, “This box is everything you want in a watch box. It comes with a beautiful antique-looking key, and actually locks. ” And another happy one said, “I bought this watch box for my husband’s 40th birthday. Score! He’s very hard to shop for and he loved it. Got the reaction I hoped for when he opened it.”


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The Caddy Bay Collection Vintage Wood Watch Box For Men is well worth the price. You will be pleased with the finish and masculine look. It is an attractive way to display your watch collection. If you are looking for the best watch box for men, this is the kind that you would be perfectly glad to have or give.