Luxury Watch Storage Box: Why This Will Hit All Your Wooden Watch Case Needs

Are you looking for a luxury watch storage box to keep your timepieces organized?


Are you looking for a wooden watch box with glass top as a great investment for a person that loves his watches?


Find out why TimelyBuys 12 Piece Cherry Wood Watch Box For Men is an elegant choice for you and your loved one.



The TimelyBuys 12 Piece Cherry Wood Watch Box For Men is a beautiful wooden watch box with glass top.


Store up to 12 of your finest watches in this elegant case, ideal for watches, cufflinks, jewelry, and small accessories. The hinged glass lid offers dramatic display for your collection, and the faux suede lining provides a luxury look and feel. All cushions are removable, providing additional functionality to each compartment. This stunning case makes the perfect addition to any watch collection and the perfect gift for any watch collector.


Reliable Design


This luxury watch storage box has a lid that has bracketed locking risers and the metal parts are screwed in, which is a design preferred more by others comparing to those with tension ribbon to hold the lid up.


Other Remarkable Features


  • Secure your collection with our elegant lock and tassel key
  • Rich edging distinguishes this case from all others;
  • Attractive faux suede lining adds a luxury feel
  • Removable pillows make room for other accessories


Customer Review


Most customers describe TimelyBuys 12 Piece Cherry Wood Watch Box For Men as impressive. They are so happy they want to buy another one for themselves.   


There are a lot of amazing reviews from actual Amazon verified buyers of this wood watch box for men. Most of them rated it 5 stars.


One highly satisfied customer said, “It was a gift from the wife. I collect watches and the watch case I had was overfilled. We were hesitant at first to order, thought we might get something scarred or damage for the price asked, but we took a chance and behold. The watch case came in a box, within a box, very well wrapped. The item came in and it looks great. All my watches fit with no problem. It was worth it.”


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The TimelyBuys 12 Piece Cherry Wood Watch Box For Men is a really nice good looking watch storage with a functional lock and key. With its gorgeous wood, exceptional workmanship, and outstanding details, this luxury watch storage box will surely make you or your loved one undeniably happy.