Black Wooden Watch Box: Why Everything About It Is First Class

Are you looking for a black wooden watch box to protect your timepiece collection?


Are you someone who is starting a watch collection and is searching for the best watch box for men?


Find out why Caddy Bay Collection Black Wooden Watch Box is an excellent choice to match your taste.



The Caddy Bay Collection Black Wooden Watch Box is a great display case for a man who loves to collect watches.


This high quality single level wooden watch box for men will protect your watch collection from dust. Its interior is lined with soft suede like fabric to protect your watches against scratches.


This quality watch storage box features 10 compartments with 10 removable squeezable soft cushions. You may remove the cushions to store other items such as body jewelry, cufflinks, spare links, watch tools, and more.


Glossy Design


This wooden watch box with glass top is loved for it awesome quality.  It’s well made. Its velvet pillows, velvet interior and glossy black finish is flawless.




Other Remarkable Features


  • High clearance for larger watches
  • Glass display top lid (NOT plastic)
  • Squeezable soft adjustable cushions allow users to fit small size watches without stretching the band
  • High gloss black finish



Customer Review


Most customers describe Caddy Bay Collection Black Wooden Watch Box as perfect. They love it so much they wished for more than 10 slots.  


There’s a bunch of outstanding reviews from actual Amazon verified buyers of this wood watch box for men. Most of them rated it 5 stars.


One happy customer said, “An excellent showcase for my collection. High gloss black with a black mock suede interior and a glass viewing lid with silver tone hinges. Very dramatic, and of substantial size.”


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The Caddy Bay Collection Black Wooden Watch Box is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for the best watch box for men. It is nicely done, has gorgeous finish and a really nice fabric inside. You can view (and show off) your watch collection easily, and protect it at the same time with this black wooden watch box.